This Is An Example Of form_tag:

The purpose of the form_for and form_tag app is to show the simplicity of RoR it could be when you want to create an app fast. The app is still manageable without sacrificing its powerful database, css and ruby programming functionalities.

assort type of _tag helpers used in this example. simply enter something in the following tags and they represent field/button/selections. the app will pass your inputs to the app server and it will echo them back to the browser for you. on item 5 enter all fields except the hidden(parent_id) field and in the order as shown by the instruction.

1. basic form_tag
Form contents (which does nothing)

2. generic search form

3. helper: checkboxes

4. helper: radiobuttons

5. other helpers: textarea, password, hidden(parent_id), search(user name), telephone(user phone),
url(user homepage) and email(user email) fields.

See an example of (form_for)