Sample App


This application allows you to create / view / change notes you stored on the cloud. Your can think of this as your reminder / notepad and you can always find your notes as long as you can connect to the INTERNET. This application currently is not a cloud-based application (not yet). When creating an account, enter the required information - your name, an email address, and a password. You can then sign in and write notes, review or update the account data you created. To create a new note, simply right click on the logo. For current version of this software, you cannot make change of an existing note (see other softwares below, you might find what you want). To get around this, you may copy an existing note and paste it as a new note and make change of if. In the future there will be a SEARCH My Note function to help you to find a note faster.

Limitation: Each note length can be up to 640 characters.

This application was Written By Kevin Lee of Guo Xing Web Design With Ruby On Rails.
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